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  • Justin Perrelli
  • Carol de Lyon
    I had a question which I am hoping you can answer My husband and I are Democrats who have issues with the way our municipality is being run by our fellow Democrats. There is a serious lack of transparency here in Dumont and as such, we request via OPRA financial information, etc. Since we have caught the council in serious lies, we post the information on Dumont Democrats. They have blocked me, which I believe is a violation of my rights as a registered Democrat. Can you kindly advise? My posts take them to task, never having been threatening or vile.

    Thank you! Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Carol de Lyon
  • Anonymous
  • Johnathan Miller

    I was wondering if you offer any internships for the fall at the DCBC.
  • Karen Garguilo
    I am hoping this website is updated to reflect the new Chairman, Juliano. I likely speak for many fellow county committee representatives is stating that we need county resources to help build local Democratic Clubs. We want to help elect local, county, state and national Democrats and intend to pay close attention to the actions of those we elect. It would be helpful to have resources such as contact info of local clubs, shared web-hosting providers, mechanism for sharing expertise etc. I will be watching to see if Bergen leadership is responsive to this site.
  • Anne Kehoe
    US District Court

    Portland Maine


    Petition for writ of Habeas Corpus for

    Kirstjen NIelsen former Secretary of DHS


    Anne Kehoe


    Claire M Grady former Asst Sec. Of DHS

    DONALD TRUMP president
  • Kathleen Jerome
    I have been a lifelong Democrat, but will not vote for Gottheimer. Am planning to vote for the mayor of Montvale ( republican) if Josh is not primaried. I feel the same way about our state legislators (38) who don’t even go in for a vote. You have squandered your advantage

    Kathleen Jerome
  • Germaine Owens
  • Daniel Poloner

    I’m 17 and would love to volunteer. Are there any opportunities for me to help out? I want to gain political experience further than calling representatives and attending rallies.


    Daniel Poloner
  • Tom Keating
  • Terry Johnson
  • Peter Tobey
    I’ve left three previous messages, by email and phone, to you guys offering to help get out the vote this year in support of Democratic candidates. But no one contacts me. Why is that?
  • Stephen P. Porzio
  • Jim Miller
    How can we overcome the Trump obstacle and ever have a chance to control the Supreme Court if we are not supporting our candidates. Irrespective of what we think of Melendez’s ethics, he is a Democrat and OUR candidate. Where are the signs, where are the advertisements, where are the editorials. I voted against him in the primary, because I wanted change … I will, however, vote for him in the general. Whatever it takes, we must do it. Please deliver a sign to me, a.s.a.p..
  • Bryan Stephens
  • John Cannizzaro
  • Joseph Cariddi
  • Judith Berinsky
    I want to attend the next meeting; living in Ridgefield, previously lived in Manhattan. I also hope to assist with Get-Out-The-Vote volunteering. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Judith
  • Mrs.Grandov
  • Peter Tobey
    Trying to volunteer but your website doesn’t seem to work well. Very frustrating.
  • Mitch Horn
    Hello, I’m a candidate for US Senate. I have filed my candidate documents with the Secretary of the Senate in DC. Are you having a nominating convention? Can I speak at your convention with the purpose of earning the party line? Thank you, Mitch Horn
  • Lori Ellwood
  • David Macfarlane
    I am a lifetime Democrat who has voted only for Democratic candidates for fifty years. I will not vote for Robert Menendez. If he runs, I will vote for whomever the Republican candidate is. Please find another candidate!
  • Marlene Thornley
    I am a lifelong democrat and I am enraged that you are shutting the government down due to immigrants who are in this country illegally. I care much more about keeping the government running than I do about granting amnesty to illegals. Get it together and get our Government running again. This is pathetic.
  • Norm Friberg
  • Anonymous
    I am a lifelong Democrat, but I am puzzled at a flyer I just received to re-elect Voss and Ganz for Bergen Co. Freeholder. The back of the flyer touts Bergen County (e.g. George Washington’s Army, Super Bowl). So, what is the point of showing a mug shot of Frank Sinatra, who happened to be arrested in Bergen Co. when he was young? Is that something we should be proud of?
  • John Bingham

    My name is John Bingham and I am the President of the College Democrats of New Jersey. As election day is coming fast, I am looking for GOTV/election day opportunities for my membership. While our membership would prefer paid opportunities, we want to get involved in the final push and get Democrats elected!

    Also, we want to push expansion within every county in New Jersey! When I first began my term as President, CDNJ had only five chapters. Today, we have 16 around the state. We did this with partnerships with the Democratic Party- this is what I ask of you.
    Today, I want my members to help get Democrats elected!
    Tomorrow, I want us to organize on college campuses together!

    Wishing you the best,

    John Bingham
  • Michael Murphy

    My name is Michael Murphy and I am the campaign manager for the Bogota Democratic Campaign Committee. We are hoping you can help us.

    We are very worried that our opposition is going to do anything they can to throw this election. We have run a far superior campaign and we know they are getting desperate. We have had legitimate concerns in the past regarding the current Republican administration cheating in two separate elections. The below article discusses the election where our current Mayor came into office (2013) – he won by only a couple dozen votes and hired a Spanish speaking poll worker to vote ‘Republican’ regardless of the instructions of the voter. The only reason the election wasn’t overturned was because the video evidence of the poll worker admitting to throwing the election was inadmissible in court. Based on the actions by the Republican candidates this past week, they will do anything to win this election.

    We are hoping someone can watch our polling stations (or stop by) to ensure that there is nothing out of order taking place and ensure the vote count is legitimate when the polls close. Please let me know if this is something you can help with or who I should reach out to. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Murphy

    BDCC Campaign Manager

    (201) 471-1975
  • Rich
    Hi Lou,

    The following letter is an idea for an inexpensive G O T V marketing campaign. The songs could also be used by each candidate via their email, facebook and/or their campaign website page. I can email you the mp3s or they are also available for listening at Just hit the play button by #3 and #6.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding this idea.


    Rich Wickline



    We would like you to help us decide which song you would like to become the New Jersey Democratic State Committee’s theme song.

    “What Will Become of Lady Liberty?” and “Wake Up America” by Bob Wickline, are the songs being voted upon. We feel both songs can help educate voters of the dangers facing the New Jersey they love, inspire them to become more patriotic and motivate them to vote for the Democratic candidate. We realize you’ve probably never heard of these songs or Bob Wickline, but on what radio station in your area would you hear songs that want to educate, inspire and motivate with a political slant?

    We are hoping you will give a listen to the attached mp3s of “What Will Become of Lady Liberty?” and “Wake Up America” and then reply to this email with your vote. Please let us know by Nov 7th, so we can play the most voted for song for all our candidates on election night.


    New Jersey Democratic State Committee
  • John Ward
    I received a phone call from 804-596-9740 from someone purporting to be conducting a survey about politics in NJ and Bergen County. I played along for a while, until the questions started to take on a definite anti-Democratic bias. I termintaed the call. I suspect Republican dirty tricks. Has anyone else had similar experiences?